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HM Graf Concrete are the Central Coast concreting experts. Founded in 1967, Graf Concrete has developed a well-known reputation of the highest quality workmanship and reliability. A family owned and operated business; Graf Concrete services the entire Central Coast region from Hornsby and Northern Sydney to Nelsons Bay and all Central Coast areas in between.

Graf Concrete prides itself on being a family owned and operated business, originally setup by Billy Graf in 1967 and 12 years ago taken over by Hayden Graf, with the next generation taking interest. Graf Concrete have inherited a well-known name for quality.

The expert tradesmen at Graf Concrete take on any job, no matter how big or how small, or even how hard or inaccessible the job is. With Billy Graf assisting on project management no job is too tricky. No matter what your needs Graf Concrete can create the ideal outcome for you in;

Like most industries, the concreting game changes regularly, you need a progressive company to ensure your project is done right first time. There is only one solution for concreting on the Central Coast of NSW.

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If you are looking for a way in making your driveway more appealing then check out one of Central Coast’s most popular concreting providers : Graf Concrete.

Graf Concrete is an Australian firm operating within Hornsby and its surrounding suburbs. Our outstanding crew of concreters have been servicing the New South Wales residents and commercial unit owners for many years now and we are still going strong thanks to our loyal clients.

Graf Concrete will be providing you with exceptional driveway that speaks of our creativity and dedication in giving you only the best in concreting.

The materials that we use in making quality concrete are of high standards. We strive in providing you with concrete that’s made to last a long time to help you save on your expenses and to make you happy with your investment.

Your driveway deserves great treatment and our skilled concreters at Graf Concrete will provide the needed care and attention you require.

Our concreters and finishers are a group of talented and friendly people. They create, design, and improvise on every concreting project and satisfy your needs for a smoother and attractive look on your driveway.

We never underestimate the impression that your driveway expresses. Graf Concrete knows that your style and personality is reflected on every aspect of your property and these include your driveway and walkways, respectively.

We can make your driveway shine with elegance and style by dressing it with various tiles and designs that are truly welcoming to your guests.

Our concrete designers have spent countless hours creating distinctive designs that rival the competition and place Graf Concrete as one of the best suppliers for designer slabs that only a few concreting firms could afford to accommodate.

We take pride in our work as concreters and refinishers in your community. Graf Concrete shares its vision with you as your primary provider of outstanding concrete slabs and layering jobs that are first-class and top-rated.

Graf Concrete will never let you down in terms of value for money. Every effort is employed in making sure that you receive more than what you have bargained for without additional fees or compromising deals. We are a professional team and we will not do anything to make you second-guess our abilities.

At Graf Concrete we expand our services by including value-added assistance like garden edging and pressure cleaning to help you sticking to the one service, rather than multiple.

Graf Concrete are a family of successful concreters and our dedication in cementing our partnership with reliable concreting solutions is second to none. Allow us to enter your community by telling us your needs and our helpful team will be there.

Making your driveway and pathways attractive right now is easy and straight-forward with our services.

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